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Witness locates and sworn statements:

Locate a subject for witness whereabouts, debt collection, missing people, long lost family, or any other investigation that entails making difficult contact with a subject. And obtaining sworn written or digital statements.

Criminal Defense / DUI Investigations:

Our investigators are trained professionals who search out the facts that lead to the truth. They are trained in techniques of fact-finding and forensic procedure to assist the attorney in achieving a desired result for a client. A private investigator serves an important role in criminal defense investigation. In criminal defense investigations, that role is to find witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt. Our goal is to impartially find the facts that point toward the truth. We have on staff experienced DUI instructors with Drug Recognition Expert experience to testify in court proceedings

Surveillance Investigations:

We utilize state of the art equipment and surveillance techniques to capture critical video footage that is consistent with the needs and objectives of our clients.

Counter Surveillance Investigations:

Counter-surveillance is defined as “the conduct of specific actions by a third-party to confirm and/or identify the presence of surveillance, including electronic, digital and physical surveillance…”. FFE investigators have the tools and experience to locate hidden video, audio and GPS tracking devises that may be hidden in your home, office or vehicles.

Background Investigations:

We use databases, courthouse records, public records, interviews, confidential sources and investigative research techniques to provide a comprehensive background report.

Social Media:

Our social media searches reveal additional lifestyle details and evidence of a subject's activities. These can establish lifestyle patterns, daily activities and employment status.

Domestic Investigations

Adultery, infidelity, co-habitation, sexual addictions, child custody, defense of alimony and child support are just a few of the reasons attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and legal professionals from all over Florida call on or refers their clients to Fischer Forensic Engineering private investigative services when there are sleepless nights, loss of appetite and many tears caused by unconfirmed suspicions and unanswered questions.

Asset Searches and locates:

One of our specialties is locating missing persons of all types and for a variety of reasons. The resources we have developed through our many years of locating old friends, family members, heirs, witnesses and debtors enable us to find virtually anyone! We use a variety of methods to locate people including specialized databases, advanced Internet searches, public records, as well as time-proven professional investigative techniques which can often allow us to locate someone in hours -- or even minutes -- when others have been searching fruitlessly for years!

Contact Information:

Ed Sommers

25020 Harborside Blvd.

Punta Gorda, FL 33955



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All Investigators are State Licensed and insured

Licensed Private Investigation

LN# A1800248

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