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Collision - Accident Reconstruction / Handling Analysis / Human Factors
Passenger and Commercial Vehicle


Event Data Recording Downloading

Fraud Evidence Analysis

LOW Speed Analysis

Vehicle Dynamics / Operation

Standard Crush, momentum, skid/yaw, Delta-V, and Acceleration Analysis

Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles (ATV & UTV)
  • Operation / Dynamics - unique to motorcycles
  • Handling vs. Terrain Inconsistencies
  • Helmet-Protective Gear / Occupant Injury /    Trajectory Analysis
  • Crush / Slide Analysis as a function of vehicle type, accessories and terrain.
  • Conspicuity
  • Rider Active / Roll Over Analysis
Personal Watercraft (PWC) and Marine Vessels
Accident Reconstruction / Vehicle  Dynamics - unique to water vehicles.
Off-Throttle Steering Analysis
Orifice Injuries
Vehicle Handling / Rules of the Road
Bicycle and Pedestrian Impact Analysis
Vehicle Type / Trajectory Analysis
Impact Damage / Orientation
Single-Track Vehicle Handling / Terrain Issues
Bike lanes / Cross walks

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